Chronic Illness

People suffering from chronic illness can face some difficult choices ahead. Depending on the illness, chances are you are dealing with the reality that your illness will never get any better and will most likely get worse. People do learn to cope with their symptoms and move on with their lives. However, sometimes diseases can be made worse through a pharmacy's negligence or doctor's error. These can worsen symptoms or even speed up the progression of the disease. The purpose of this article is to answer some of the most commonly answered questions regarding chronic illness and inform you of your rights should your condition have worsened through negligence on the part of a doctor or pharmacist.

1. What is a chronic illness? A chronic illness is a condition that fortunately moves slowly but that you will unlikely recover from. People can live for decades with a chronic illness and more often than not the symptoms worsen. Chronic illnesses sometimes go into a dormant phase however, the progression continues after this phase ends.

2. What makes a chronic illness different from a terminal illness? Generally, the time involved. True, you're not likely to recover from a chronic illness baring significant medical breakthroughs but people can live quite a long time. Terminal illnesses usually claim people's lives at a much faster rate.

3. What if someone I love's Chronic Illness was made worse through negligence? You may be entitled to damages. Doctors and pharmacies are required to give a duty of care when treating patients. If they breech that then they are liable for malpractice. You could have a case against the doctor or pharmacy if you have suffered sufficient harm due to their negligence.

4. What should I do next? You should contact a medical malpractice lawyer. They will be able to best advise you on the merits of your case. They will also know the laws of your state and be able to advise you of any statute of limitations that you might be up against. A medical malpractice attorney will be able to explain the legal system to you and may be able to instruct you as to the types of compensation you are likely to receive.

If your chronic illness is the result of a doctor's or pharmacist's mistake then you should definitely get legal advice. You may be entitled to compensation that could make your life a little easier. Get advice today, it may be worth it. Contact our experienced and professional pharmaceutical malpractice attorneys today!

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