Improper Prescription

Newer studies are showing that up to five percent of prescriptions filled annually are not correct. The rising number of incidents of pharmacy malpractice are very frightening and patients need to be aware of what pharmacy malpractice is and what they can do to protect themselves. In general, pharmacy malpractice occurs when a pharmacist or other professional breaches the standard of care that they are expected to provide. There are various types of pharmacy malpractice and a common one is when a patient receives an improper prescription.

One form of pharmacy malpractice occurs when a patient receives the improper prescription. Pharmacy malpractice actually occurs more than many people would like to admit and can be very dangerous, causing serious physical problems and in some cases even death. Sometimes the improper prescription can be the fault of the doctor who prescribed it. Statistics show that about four of every thousand prescriptions written by a doctor include mistakes. This is a scary statistic and means that at some point most of us will at some point be a victim of a prescription error and pharmacy malpractice.

There are a few ways that doctors issue improper prescriptions resulting in pharmacy malpractice. Some doctors may not remember to adjust a prescription in accordance to the rise or decline of patients' condition. Some doctors actually prescribe drugs that their patients are allergic to, forgetting to look at the patients' medical history to verify this information. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe the wrong dosage amount, which can do harm to a patient. Amazingly enough another mistake that doctors occasionally make is writing down the wrong drug on the patients' prescription.

Not only can doctors be responsible for providing an improper prescription resulting in pharmacy malpractice, but also often it is the fault of the pharmacist or other pharmacy worker. Sometimes the pharmacist may provide the patient with a drug that is completely different than the one prescribed. At times if the doctor calls in a prescription it may be the pharmacist who writes it down wrong resulting in the patient getting an improper prescription.

If you have received the improper prescription, whether it is the fault of the doctor or of the pharmacist, you should seek legal counsel to find out what rights you have. Pharmacy malpractice is a serious offense and you should find an attorney with experience in pharmacy malpractice law to aid you in your case. You may have the right to seek compensation for any damages that may have occurred and having a lawyer to help you pursue this will be invaluable.

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