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No one would argue that the breakthroughs are the drugs industry are staggering. People are living longer and are able to fight back against diseases that would have surely killed them years ago. There is no argument drugs companies have played an important role in this however, there is a downside. Pharmacy companies have become more and more money driven. The industry has turned into a multi billion dollar business. To keep profits rolling in some pharmacy companies will result to les than honest methods to ensure that their drugs get FDA approval and make it onto the market. The purpose of this article is to explain you legal rights when it comes to Pharmacy malpractice.

1. How do defective drugs that can harm, make it onto the market? Sometimes it happens honestly. If a bad effect only happens to a small parentage of the population or after decades of continued use then one could see how this could be overlooked. However, the industry makes billions every year and to help keep the profits rolling in they sometimes streamline testing to bring about desired results. Some may go so far as to bribe or pressure the FDA to withhold information or approve a drug that they shouldn't. Your legal rights allow for you to expect that the drugs you are taking have been adequately tested prior to release.

2. If I have been harmed by a drug, what are my legal rights? Your legal rights may entitle you to some kind of compensation. Your legal rights entitle you to expect a duty of care and if that is breeched then the company could be liable.

2. What should I do in this situation? You should get legal advice. A medical malpractice lawyer could best advise you on what your legal rights are in your particular case. They can also advise you on the process and what you might be in for.

3. Will this cost a lot? That depends on who you hire. Some operate on a no win no fee basis. They will only collect if they win your case and receive a settlement. If they do they may take 30 -40 percent.

It is important in cases such as this that you have someone who can advise you on your legal rights. Pharmacy companies rely on people not knowing so they can go on making profits despite the fact their product could harm people. Your legal rights entitle you to protection and compensation. Get advice and know your legal rights. It will be worth it.

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