Pharmacist Negligence

Pharmacists are health care professionals who compound and dispense medications and who counsel and teach people about their medications. Sometimes there are cases where pharmacists are careless or negligent. There are several professional areas of responsibility where pharmacist negligence could cause you harm, such as improper medication dosage, giving you the wrong medication, or putting the wrong dosage instructions on your medication container.

Pharmacist negligence in Compounding Medications

Pharmacists rarely actually compound medications anymore, although it is still done on a limited basis. Pharmacists do reconstitute medications, such as antibiotic syrups for children. Pharmacist negligence would occur if a medication compound had the wrong ingredients in it, or if the pharmacist reconstituted a medication with the wrong solution or contaminated the medication. Any of these things can result in the creation of dangerous health problems for the person for whom the medication is prescribed.

Pharmacist negligence in Dispensing Medications

Most medication errors involve the patient either getting the wrong medication, or the wrong dose of a medication. In the case where it is not the patient's mistake, and he or she is taking the medication exactly how the instructions tell him or her to, then the medication errors may be the result of pharmacist negligence. Either the pharmacist or a technician may have dispensed the wrong medication or the wrong dose, or may have written the wrong instructions to go with the medication.

Pharmacist negligence in Teaching and Counseling

Pharmacy practice has recently expanded in this area, and many states require pharmacists to counsel patients about their medications. Pharmacist negligence in this area is common. Pharmacists must make sure the patient understands what the medication is, why it is being prescribed, and how to take it. The patient must be aware of potential side effects, and the pharmacist must also identify possible drug interactions.

Pharmacist negligence in Supervision

We have a critical pharmacist shortage in this country, and pharmacy technicians are used to stretch the limited number of pharmacists available. Technicians must be supervised by a pharmacist - there is absolutely no exception to this rule. Pharmacist negligence involving supervision causes many medication errors each year.

If you are not sure if a health problem that you are experiencing was caused by negligence on the part of a pharmacist, a malpractice lawyer can help you determine this. You have the right to have safe and proper medication, and if the carelessness or irresponsibility of another causes you to suffer undue harm, you may be able to collect financial restitution based on your pain and suffering. Contact our dedicated and professional pharmacy malpractice attorneys, and get started on your case today.

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Pharmacist negligence causes harmful medication errors.
If you have been harmed by pharmacist negligence, call an experienced malpractice attorney to see if you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering.