Prescribing Medication without a License

Medications are expensive, especially in the United States. You also have to go see a doctor to get a prescription, and that adds to the cost. In order to cut their medication costs, some people are using Internet pharmacies to fill their prescriptions.

Crack Down on Internet pharmacies:

The Federal Government is trying to crack down on Internet pharmacies because some are guilty of prescribing medicine without a license, and that is a dangerous practice. Most if not all of these Internet pharmacies are based in a foreign country, but that does not mean that they do not have to follow United States regulations when it comes to prescribing medication. If they are not licensed in the United States, and they are selling medication to United States citizens, they are still guilty of prescribing medicine without a license.

Prescription medications are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in this country, and only certain licensed professionals can prescribe them. It is common knowledge that pharmacists cannot prescribe medications; they can only dispense them. Internet pharmacies that will fill your medications without a prescription may be prescribing medicine without a license. This doesn't include refilling medications if the number of refills is stated on the original prescription. Refilling prescriptions under this circumstance does not constitute prescribing medicine without a license.

Sometimes these Internet pharmacies will try to get around the legal requirements by having their own "doctors" prescribe the medications. Usually, you answer a few pertinent questions on their website, and their doctor signs a prescription for whatever medication you want. The pharmacy may still be guilty of prescribing medication without a license, because the doctor doesn't have a doctor-patient relationship with you. In many instances when the pharmacy is located in another country, there is also no real way to tell if it is an actual doctor or not. Either way, if it's not your doctor that you have a professional relationship with, it is most likely considered prescribing medicine without a license.

Most of the time, these unethical pharmacies are prescribing medicine without a license that a physician might not prescribe for the patient. They will provide medications for weight loss or erectile dysfunction, mood altering medications and narcotics, and you don't have to go to a doctor to get a prescription for them. When they fill prescriptions for narcotics, they are not only prescribing medicine without a license, but they are also distributing narcotics illegally.

Prescription drugs are regulated because they are potentially harmful. The people who can legally prescribe them will examine you and make sure it is safe for you to take that medication.

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When an Internet pharmacy is prescribing medications without a license, it is robbing you of the safety of your physician.