What is Pharmacy Malpractice?

Gone are the days of small personally owned pharmacies and also gone are the days when the words "pharmacy malpractice" were rarely ever heard. With millions of prescriptions being filled each year, the modernization of pharmacy chains means that instances of pharmacy malpractice should diminish. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. More than likely most Americans have or will deal with a pharmacy at some point in their life and it is important that consumers be aware of what actually constitutes pharmacy malpractice. Pharmacy malpractice occurs when a pharmacist or other trained pharmacy worker breaches the standard of care that is expected of them.

Pharmacy malpractice occurs when a pharmacist or other trained pharmacy worker breaches the standard of care that is expected of them.

Pharmacists receive special training for the job that they perform and patients trust them to do their job correctly. Today pharmacies have become more complicated applying new technologies to aid in their processes; however, it seems that new equipment and technology has done nothing to prevent the many errors that are being made. It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to be sure that all aspects of a prescription being filled are accurate. This includes verifying who the patient is and making sure the correct dosage of the correct medication is given. Pharmacy malpractice occurs when the pharmacist gives the wrong quantity, dosage or type of drug to a patient.

There are also other ways that pharmacy malpractice occur. Pharmacists can be responsible for filling a prescription that is incorrect even if the doctor actually prescribed it. Pharmacists also need to be aware of drug reactions that can occur with the specific drugs that a patient is taking. Not warning a patient of drug reactions can result in danger to the patient and is considered pharmacy malpractice. Also many states require that pharmacists council the patient about any side effects that the drug may have and failure to do so can also result in pharmacy malpractice.

If you feel you have been a victim of pharmacy malpractice there are several people who can be held accountable for what happened to you depending on the circumstances. Pharmacists, other pharmacy employees, and even the pharmacy company itself can be held liable for pharmacy malpractice. If you, or someone you know, have suffered pharmacy malpractice it is important to find an understanding and helpful lawyer who specializes in pharmacy malpractice. A knowledgeable lawyer can advise you of your rights and assist you with recovering any compensation that might be due to you. Contact us today.

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