Who Is Responsible for medication mistakes?

It is difficult to sort out who is responsible for mistakes involving medications because there are so many potential ways to make mistakes, and because so many people can be involved. Take a careful look at those mistakes made and who is involved.

Types of Medication Mistakes:

In most medication mistakes, you receive the wrong dose of a medication. Another common mistake is giving you the wrong medication. The new medication could cause an harmful interaction with other medications you are taking, or you could have an allergic reaction to it. You could suffer an adverse reaction to the medication or something could happen to you as a result of taking the medication. With all of these possible problems, it is no wonder it's hard to decide who is responsible.

People Involved

There are at least three people involved in every medication prescription: the physician, the pharmacist, and you. There may also be pharmacy technicians, nurses, clerks, employers and pharmaceutical companies who share responsibility for what happened, and it is usually hard to determine who is responsible for any particular problem.

As an example, say you went to the doctor's office and she gave you a new prescription. You took the prescription to the drug store, and waited while a pharmacy technician filled it. The pharmacist asked if you have ever had the medication before and if you have any questions. He was very busy, and spent about a minute rattling off some instructions, which you don't remember. After your first dose of the medication, you got up to go into the kitchen, passed out, fell and injured yourself. Who is responsible?

The answer is, it could have been any and all of the people involved. The pharmacy tech may have dispensed the wrong medication. The pharmacist may not have supervised the tech, or may not have noticed a potential drug interaction. The pharmacist's employer may even be one of the ones who is responsible if the pharmacy wasn't adequately staffed.

You probably cannot figure out who is responsible by yourself. You need the help of an experienced and skilled malpractice attorney to help you determine who is responsible for your injuries. He can also tell you if you have a right to compensation for those injuries. If you have suffered injury because of a medication mistake, call an attorney today. Our experienced and knowledgable pharmacy malpractice lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today.

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