Wrong Dosage of Medication

More than likely at some point in their life most Americans will require having a prescription filled. Medications are important and in some cases can make the difference in life or death. Unfortunately, most patients do not consider that it is highly probable that they could be the victims of pharmacy malpractice. Pharmacy malpractice is very dangerous and can cause physical harm or in some cases death. It is important for you to be aware of pharmacy malpractice, its effects and what you can do to protect yourself. One very common form of pharmacy malpractice occurs when a patient receives the wrong dosage of a prescribed medication.

One form of pharmacy malpractice can occur when the wrong dosage of a medication is given to a patient. It may be the correct medication, but the wrong dosage amount can be harmful or deadly to the patient. Pharmacists are responsible for not only providing the correct drug, but for also making sure that they provide the patient with the correct dosage amount as well. Even a slight change in the dosage amount can cause problems for a patient, so this is a very serious form of pharmacy malpractice.

The rising amount of instances of pharmacy malpractice is scary and disquieting to patients. There are a few things that patients can do to help prevent being a victim of pharmacy malpractice. If they are afraid they might receive the wrong dosage of their medication it may be helpful to double check with their doctor on the correct dosage. To prevent forgetfulness writing down the drug name and the dosage amount can be helpful. If the patient has written down the correct drug and dosage amount when they pick up their prescription at a pharmacy they can check the labels with what they have written down and present any questions to the pharmacist. This may help prevent pharmacy malpractice, but since patients are rarely professionals at dealing with drugs they cannot be held responsible for catching dosage errors. It is the responsibility of the pharmacist.

If you have been a victim of pharmacy malpractice and have had a wrong dose of a prescribed medication given to you finding a pharmacy malpractice lawyer will be important. Saving any evidence that you have of the error and giving it to a knowledgeable lawyer can help your case. You are not responsible for wrong dosages that are given to you and do not deserve to receive improper care. It is your right to legally pursue any instance of pharmacy malpractice and attempt to acquire any compensation that may be due to you. Contact us today.

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